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FOX News
Feb 18, 2012 11:00am EST
this cost us down the line? >> the fda is trying to modernize and the goal here, yes, they are. but the generics to the market is the goal. that will save us a lot of money. they are much cheaper and account for a large chunk of prescriptions that we take every day. that is the hope. the fda has to get the funding somehow. and the answer is not to get rid of the fda. >> every time i hear that bureaucracy is going to modernize. i am skeptical. >> i am nervous about it, too. they get 80 percent of the budget from fees. they tend to be passed along to customers. i hear what victoria is saying. what creepy about conflict of interest where you are paying a fee to peed up the approval process. is that a feor bribe. >> i wouldn't go that far. they want to speed it up under health reform. >> dennis, bottom line are they going to affect us when we buy our drugs. >> they won't. we spend 300 billion a year on prescription drugs and the fda said one dollar on a thousand. worry about a bigger issue . this is a sign of the imperical bureaucracy. we have found a new way to solve the deficit. we'll pas
Feb 15, 2012 6:00pm EST
in what we call a head-to-head trial to see whether the drug offers an improvement. when the fda aproves a drug for marketing, a new drug, what the manufacturer has to establish is that the new drug is better than nothing. >> are we talking about wikperdol? >> that's one of the drugs. this is a whole category but that's the one in the study. if you found this is true, the newer drug will claim it's an improvement or suggested an improvement, plus the impact of the advertising programs and the solicitation of doctors from brands? i don't want to -- we're not here to fault brand drugs and we'll explain that in a minute. but, there is no advertising for the drugs that we're talking about here. the generic drugs. >> very little promotion of generic drugs to consumers or doctors. >> because when the brand drugs goes off patent, you get a variety of generic companies. it's per missibility and for all genarks to enter the competition, correct? >> for the first 6 months, the first generic manufacturer to challenge the patent has exclusivity for 6 months. this is very important because th
Feb 23, 2012 9:30am EST
. the fda faces accusations that it monitored nine fda scientists personal e-mail accounts. however, the health and human services office of inspector general concluded the employees did not leak genuinely classified information. instead it looks like fda monitored the accounts because the whistle blowers were talking to the office of the special counsel and in the case of congress, some of the e-mails of people on my staff came up, showed up. i'm very concerned about this. fda's retaliation is shocking, may be unlawful, should not be tolerated and i'm committed to getting to the bottom of it. today, chairman isa and i are signeding a letter to the u.s. office of special counsel to launch an investigation in the facts and circumstances surrounding the e-mail monitoring and i would ask permission to put that letter in the record, mr. chairman. >> without objection. >> so here's my question. do you agree that searching through employees personal e-mails should is okay just because they contacted the special counsel or congress and would you agree that would be unacceptable? >> senator
Feb 15, 2012 11:00pm EST
from cosmetic safety groups after looking at lipstick testing data from the government. the fda found lead in 400 lipsticks. the agency says the very small quantities are not a safety concern. others not so sure. fox 5's money reporter melanie alnwick breaking it all down. >>> the two lipsticks with the most lead found in fda testing both made by l'oreal, maybe lien color sensational pink petal -- maybelline sensational pink petal. lead is a powerful neurotoxin. that's why there are strict standards for lead in toys, jewelry, cookware and drinking water but the fda has not set lead limits for lipstick. the cdc recommends children avoid cosmetics that contain lead. >> the truth is that no level of lead exposure is safe for humans, particularly pregnant women or women who are planning on becoming pregnant. >> reporter: of the 400 lipsticks tested, more than half only had trace amounts of lead. the rest fall somewhere in between. the lowest include clinique black honey, l'oreal color juice cherry on top and of wet and wild neglect a mixers lip baum bahama mama showing price doesn't make
Feb 22, 2012 1:30pm EST
for the parents of the child with leukemia is that the fda did announce yesterday that they feel that in the next two weeks, the leukemia drug shortage will, indeed, be resolved. people were afraid that they were going to run out of the drug in two weeks, and it's resolved because what we can do at the fda is accelerate alternatives. if we have notification, what we know is that since the executive order that the president issued in october, there have been over 200 shortages that actually have been averted, because the fda was notified, they can look for alternative sources of the drugs, they can expedite manufacturing lines and other areas. that really is, though, senator, unfortunately, a bit of a market glitch where the market capacity for drugs has not increased. there are pipeline increases that are two and three years off, but currently, we have the same manufacturing capacity and drug marketers choosing which line of drug to produce at which time. the earlier we're notified, and you have a bill pending in both the house and the senate, that we would be eager to work with
Feb 20, 2012 6:00am EST
is being displayed by the newly empowered fda. how do you get -- wean people off of nicotine without having some sort of cataclysmic economic fallout from 40 million americans -- 40 million americans who cannot go to work or are far less functional. >> how much is tied to the tax benefits to the state? >> people say that but i think if you look at -- i do not know what the numbers are. i know generally what they are. if you look at how much money is brought in, you spend twice that money on health care costs. you are spending 60 cents on health care costs. >> how much money does the tobacco company have to give to the states? >> it is hundreds of billions of dollars over the next 25 years. >> it continues? >> it is a payment plan. tobacco -- a third of the people who use tobacco, will die. the other two-thirds will have long-term health care problems. copd and cancer. tobacco does these things 20 years from now. the problem is tobacco does these things 20 years from now. methamphetamine, alcohol and they are a cute. they do the damage quickly so we see the. -- they are accute
FOX News
Feb 23, 2012 8:00am PST
life. her cancer drug was running out until recently the fda stepped in and there was media attention on the story. we spoke withrow wan and her mom last week. take a listen to this. >> my concern this is obviously becoming a bigger problem. the list is getting longer every month of drugs that are, you know, in short supply and my concern is that with new children diagnosed all the time with lukemia, at what point is there going to be a change made so that we don't run into this problem where, oh, we have to release emergency supplies? jenna: around 280 drugs are in short supply according to our latest research. that number moves quite a bit by the way. for more on this we're joined live on the phone by fda commissioner margaret hamburg, highest ranking official in the fda we used the smaller story to talk about big issue about the drug shortages. what preventative issues are we taking so we don't have them? >> it is obviously a really important issue and one that is complicated. there is no one factor that underlies stems from a series of economic, legal, regulatory policy and clinic
Feb 2, 2012 11:00pm EST
windpipe for the surgery is not get fda approved. the approval process can take years. chris did not have time to wait. >> if you cannot take out the tumor completely, you cannot have a very long rate of survival. >> we spoke with the surgeon bruce geithner -- we spoke with the surgeon through skype. >> is a very good message that things can be changed. >> he has performed a dozen trachea transplants, the first 10 with organs from cadavers. june, he successfully perform the first synthetic trachea operation. chris was the second person in the world to get the artificial windpipe. >> is basically an experimental surgery, and i just had to do it to save my life. >> the doctor let an international team of doctors crew the surgery. the synthetic trachea was made in ohio. his own stem cells were harvested from his bone marrow to days before surgery. david green company, harvard bioscience in boston, made this device, the artificial when i was put inside here on a rotating spindle to prepare it for chris's body. >> it rotates in the stem cells and day rain down on top of the vessel and
Feb 22, 2012 1:35am PST
done that only four other women in the world have accomplished. >> and any day now, the fda will decide whether to approve a bay area company's new diet pill. >> i lost 165-pounds in one year. >> hear from one guy that took it and lost a tremendous amount of weight. why it's so effective. >>> good evening, i'm dana king. >> yeah, it's just a number, but a powerful one at that. >> shortly after first lady laura bush, the dow hit 13,000 for the first time in nearly four years. very good news indeed, but many americans are struggling. gas going up, good jobs are hard to find and the housing market is iffy. anthony mason tells us despite all that, three things made wall street very happy. >> it was two hours into the trading day when the dow finally kissed the 13,000 mark again. >> does that number mean anything to you? >> investors look at those milestone numbers as steps. >> jonathan. >> when main street opens up their newspaper one morning when the dow reaches 11,000, that helps the market psychologically. >> worries about last summer's credit downgrade sent the dow down to 10,655
Feb 28, 2012 5:30pm PST
hanging in the balance and major implications for the race going forward. >>> new warns from the fda about statins, some of the most popular prescription drugs in america. >>> and all the right moves. breaking barriers, inspiring others to follow in her footsteps. others to follow in her footsteps. "nightly news" begins now. captions paid for by nbc-universal television >>> good evening. the only thing that could have made yesterday's school shooting in ohio any worse happened today. two more students have died of their wounds in that attack, an even more crushing blow for a community 30 miles outside of cleveland that's absolutely torn apart. while today was the accused gunman's first court appearance, and while we learn more about him, nothing will bring back what those families and this town has lost, including the sense of safety at school. we begin there again tonight. nbc's kevin tibbles is in chardon, ohio. kevin, good evening. >> reporter: brian, 17-year-old t.j. lane was near tears and here to say "i'm sorry, i'm sorry," after a judge ordered him held in custody for his own
Feb 23, 2012 12:00pm EST
to find out the answer to that question. vivus is soaring after an fda panel gave the thumbs up to its diet drug. i just got off the phone with the ceo and we'll have his exclusive comments coming up. we're an hour from the start of the apple shareholder meeting the bulls pushing the stock higher. will they go into hiding if there is no dividend announcement? can sears spin-off its way to prosperity? we have the trade on today's surprise move there. welcome to the fast money halftime report. lots to trade today. let's start with what is the biggest stock story of the day. that's vivus topping the tape today surging as much as 115% after an fda advisory panel voted in favor of a recommendation for approval of the company's obesity drug. it's up more than 90% right now. just got off the phone with vivus ceo leyland wilson a few minutes ago and wanted to bring you the headlines of what mr. wilson told me. if you look at what that stock is doing today certainly a big day mr. wilson telling me he is very optimistic now that the drug will be approved. the fda doesn't always have to follo
Feb 16, 2012 9:00am EST
which fda is saying about the results, how much toxic lead does it have. >> plus could the coin soon replace paper current is he, how much money it would save the money if they did it. 9:26 a.m. look! here she comes! ♪ she'll be comin' 'round the mountain when she comes... ♪ when she comes. ♪♪t'll bee wheels when it comes. ♪ ♪he ♪ custom spoiler, ce grade pistons, ♪ ♪t35 and they'll all know that 's kevin's awesome car. ♪ bought ( clears throat ) sorry. when it's on your mind, it's on ebay. >> would you give up your dollar bills for dollar coins? a report by the general accountability office found replacing the dollar bill with a coin could save the federal government $4.5 billion over 30 years. over 30 years when it comes to the government. >> legislation, calling for a switch to coins from paper dollars has been called for there may be an increased risk of counterfeiting associated with switching to coins. >> just never seems the coins catch on >> they don't. >> we tried to susan b anthony,. >> i wanted to say the other ones. >> thank you tucker it didn't catch
Feb 19, 2012 4:30am PST
lives are at stake here. but kathleen sebelius said the fda has helped find additional suppliers to keep up production. >> it's resolved because of what we can do at the fda is accelerate alternatives. >> that's welcome news, of course, but the government accountability office tells us that the overall trend of more and more of these shortages, again, shortages we've been talking about, are likely to continue. remember these are critically important medications. another cancer drug also in the news this week, avastin. this week the fda said recent shipments to medical practices were, in fact, fake avastin, they were counterfeit. the good news is it's pretty easy to spot the difference. take a look at this. the packaging in specific, on your left, real avastin. that's produced by genentech. and the packaging is in english. the fake is on your right, it says it's produced by roche, and the writing is in french. the fda is checking into this and don't know whether any patients got the fake version. >>> also this week, some news i'm interested in about stem cells. pretty remarkable resu
Feb 26, 2012 7:30am EST
. >> this week, there's a temporary fix. the fda announced they will allow a replacement drug. it's virtually identical and imported from india. renee will likely be put on this medication. it doesn't solve the larger problem of the shortages. case and point, another trug in short supply is methotrexate. it's used for childhood cancers. they found an additional supplier and various companies agreed to increase production. a family said this may not solve their problems. this 12 year seen there istake ing methotrexate. kelly is a surgeon who treats cancer patients. thanks for joining us. how are you feeling? how are you doing? >> i'm doing fine. >> you are okay? you were diagnosed with leukemia in 2011. the nurses at the hospital said to think about your one wish for the make a wish foundation. what did you wish for? >> for my make a wish, i decided to make my wish that all the children with this could get the methotrexate they need. >> it's powerful. a.l.l. is the form of leukemia you have as well, right in. >> yes. >> obviously you are making this wish because not enough kids have
Feb 23, 2012 4:00am PST
weight loss drug qnexa and approved it yesterday. the fda's final decision is not expected until april. randall pinkston, reports. >> mariel rosenwasser tried every diet but could not lose weight. >> family and friends are convinced that i must have been doing something wrong because why wasn't it coming off. >> she weighed more than 200 pounds when her doctor put her on a combination of two drugs. an appetite suppressant and a drug to make patients feel full. >> within the first year i lost over 50 pound. >> a pill combines the two drugs called qnexa. now a food and drug administration panel is recommending it for approval. fda advisers rejected the drug in 2010 concerned about side effects, including heart problems and birth defect. but encouraging new findings eased their concerns. >> should everyone who is obese take qnexa? no. benefit. many people will >> more than one out of every three adults in the united states is obese. but currently, there's only one fda approved drug for long-term weight loss. >> the fda has not approved a diet drug since xenical more than a decade ago. she
Feb 23, 2012 5:30pm PST
the fda does not require hospitals to report it. the fda says hospitals are reminded to carefully clean and sterilize reusable medical devices. a patient's risk of acquiring an infection from a reprocessed medical device is very low. for john, what was supposed to be a six-week recovery has turned into a three-year nightmare. >> it changed my life and changed every aspect of it. thousands of days of waking up in pain. >> reporter: last summer the fda held a workshop for instrument makers and hospitals where the fda and cdc talked about the challenges of keeping up with cleaning complex instruments. now the same group will have to find a solution to keep up with this problem so surgeons and patients can enter the operating room knowing that the instruments they have to rely on are clean and safe, brian, it will be a monumental task. >> that will get your attention. nancy, thank you, as always. >>> up next, a woman bracing for history. >>> we want to show you some spectacular images of a partial solar eclipse seen from space. it's not like we missed anything here. this wasn't visibl
Feb 23, 2012 4:30am EST
lift gates. >>> 4:41. the fda debates giving dieters a new weapon in the battle of the bulge. >>> we're back with that story. plus more on your weather first in two minutes. we'll be right back. >>> good morning. welcome back to 9 news now. we say it's february 23 but howard says it's more like april 23. >> you want winter, you have to go to colorado. i was in steamboat springs for a weather conference. in the last 14 days they've had 83 inches of snow. they've had 48 inches in the last three days alone. >> ski country is happy. >> oh, my goodness. they're doing great. around here we're dealing with allergies. mold spores are low. that's kind of coming in a little bit several weeks ahead of schedule and temperatures way ahead of schedule. it's going to get chillier by the weekend. here's a look at our bus stop forecast. this morning, mike, i'm not even wearing the middle weight jacket. i just have the fleece. >> i saw a mosquito yesterday. >> i believe it. probably hanging out with that stink bug. incredible. partly cloudy, mild. 40s and 50s. sunrise at 6:50. then the day pla
Feb 17, 2012 4:30am EST
up, a warning for parents, you may need to double check your kid's toothbrush. the problem the fda says one model can cause for kids. >>> keeping drivers focused on the road. the changes the government wants automakers to ma >>> good morning. welcome back. virginia lawmakers killed a bill that would have cracked down on texting and driving. right now it is a secondary offense. you can only be ticketed for texting if you're pulled over for another offense like speeding. the proposed bill would have made it a primary offense, but that lost. >>> texting isn't the only thing distracting drivers. safety experts say the whole dashboard is just as bad with everything from navigation to your cell phone and even the climate control linked to interactive dashboard displays. a lot can be going on right in front of the driver. now the national transportation safety board wants to disable certain features while you drive, especially like web browsing. yeah, it could easily distract. car dealers say the electronics are built in with safety in mind. >> it's designed to keep your eyes on the road,
Feb 15, 2012 5:00pm PST
counterfeit. the fda is working with the crackdown on counterfeit aavastin. so far the name of the country is being under wraps. it's easy for doctors to spot the fakes. there are obvious differences in packaging and labeling come beared to the real stuff here. so far the fda has sent warning letters to 19 medical practices. >>> a new study is raising questions about the level of lead found in lipstick. a food and drug administration found that more than 400 lipsticks currently on the market tested positive for lead. among the most offensive was lor loreal. despite the findings, officials say there is no cause for concern. >> just because there is lead in a product, does not mean that you are in danger. it causes a lot of lead over a long period of time to cause damage. >> the amount varied among brands and did not seem to be linked to costs. several advocacy groups are pushing the fda to put a limit on the amount of lead that can be used in lipsticks. >>> what does your breath tell you? a new test that's developed in mountain view that analyzes your breath to detect cancer. very i
Feb 15, 2012 5:00pm EST
a counterfeit drugs circulating in the u.s. >>> and lead and lipstick? why the fda is putting several popular brands under the microscope.  . >> listen up, ladies. your kisses could be toxic. that is the warning from a cosmetic safety group after looking at lipstick testing data from the fda. they found lead in 400 lipsticks. are we finding dangerous levels here? melanie alnwick is here to break it down for us. >> reporter: the food and drug administration has been testing lipsticks for lead since 2007. last spring, it expanded them to the 200 products. every single sample tested positive. the fda found small amounts that it has no safety concerns and some others are not convince. the two lipsticks with the most lead found in fda testing made by loreal. maybelline color sensational pink petal and loreal coluo -- colour rich. with level at .700 period of times per million and. >> reporter: lead is a powerful neurotoxin and that is why there are strict standards for lead inis to, jewelry, cookware and drinking water. the fda has not set lead limits for lipsti
Feb 15, 2012 4:00pm EST
cosmetic bus what the agency did this time around is taken a expanded look at lipsticks. the fda tested 400 lipsticks. it found traces of lead at an average of 1.1 part per million. close to an average recorded during the fda's previous testing in years past. the top five worst offenders on the list are mabel lean's color sensational pink petal, lore yale's color rich volcanic, nars semimatte red lizard. ruby remix from hughes and rounding up the top five, nars semimatte funny face. lead in lipstick is not new. the campaign for safe cosmetics has long asked the fda to set lead limits for lipstick. the fda says it does not consider the lead levels found in lipsticks to be a safety concern. for a list of all 400 lipsticks that it did test, go to our website, and search lipsticks. so, again, fda does not consider this to be a threat. other consumer groups say, you know what lead lipsticks on the mouth not a good idea. >> tested 400. who knew that there were that many colors. >> the brighter colors they were talking about? >> a question of the deeper colors, the brighter c
Feb 3, 2012 12:00pm EST
new details into the probe into painted orange juice in the united states. the fda says it found traces of fungicide. of the samples had an orange juice or concentrate from brazil. the fda says the amount does not pose a health threat and they are not issuing a recall. >> police in egypt say the two americans kidnapped this morning have been released. the two women are believed to be in their 60's. police said the kidnappers are tribesmen, demanding the release of others arrested earlier this week. it comes amid renewed violence in egypt. >> shifting to the major storm hitting colorado, hundreds of flights have been canceled after blizzard like conditions. schools and businesses throughout the state are closed. 70 miles of interstate are shut down. officials are deploying hundreds of pieces of equipment to dig people out. >> is that when you were looking for? >> we might get a little taste. >> really? when is this? >> we have some changes, but do not get too excited. it is not looking like a big deal. >> it will not be denver in the d.c. area. >> you are new around here so i have
Feb 15, 2012 4:30am PST
mediterranean t on the brain. a new fda report might haveu making-over your beauty rou. the agency recently tested 0 popular lipsticks for lead.d found it, in each and every. shades by l'oreal, cover gil and maybelline were among te worst offenders. but, the fda says the levele too low to pose a safety ri. scientists say trace amountf lead often appear naturallyn mineral-based color-additiv. coming soon to neighborhoodl over the country. this: an orange county couple turned their e into a giant billboard. a marketing company came up wh the idea. it's offers to pay a homeowner's mortgage,n exchange for the advertising space. "we're a really out of the x company, we're a marketing company.." butt to he thougt would help with the mortgage payments but it was like wig the lottery the company hopes to turn one-thousand homes across te country into advertisements. time is 4-- here's lawrence with a check of weather. ((4-shot everyone at desk ad libs)) one small dog, with big hai, was named best-in- show at e most famous dog show in the country. 'best in the westminister dog e
Feb 3, 2012 11:00pm EST
decision. >>> in our consumer alert, new information about chemicals in orange jus. the fda has found traces of fung fungacide, it does not pose a health threat. right now it is not issuing a recall. >> i i would still keep buying orange juice. >> so basically if the fda says it is okay you're okay with it. >> i trust their calls. >> the testing comes after it was discovered last month in orange juice samples and canada. from oranges to apple stores, one of the busiest in the country, but some things shoppers don't like about it. smart money says despite the crowds, many customers have common complaints. employees come off as smug. they're hard to get to especially the ones in the mall and they complain about long waits. the good news is there's a new retail store chief who is making less intimidating and more customer friendly. >>> facebook makes us feel good. a study shows the average facebook user gets more data than they put out. a small group of power users tend to do more tagging, liking and -- most of us get more emotional support than we have to give. a study last month
Feb 3, 2012 6:30pm EST
pesticide have now been found on the shelves, in the grocery. the fda, though, says it's not dangerous. but we wanted to tell you which juices and exactly how much pesticide. abc's senior national correspondent, jim avila, has been making the calls all day. >> reporter: these three-story-high tanks are filled with orange juice contaminated with a banned pesticide. tainted juice from brazil, mixed into the american supply chain, and already being sold in grocery stores across the country. fda tests inspected the pesticide, that in large doses can cause birth defects. in the storage tanks of major companies, like tropicana and minute maid, import and blend their products. they're stopping juice containing the same or lower levels of pesticide at the border. but the juice that's already here is being sold with fda blessing. toxicologists tell abc news, it would take much more tainted juice than one could drink, upwards of eight gallons a day, to bring on acute poisoning or lead to birth defects. the juice companies say it's too early to tell. consumers are backing off processed
Feb 7, 2012 6:30pm EST
and the public interest has been investigating and tomorrow, they'll go straight to the fda with these findings. here's abc's elisabeth leamy. >> reporter: multi grain. whole grain. whole wheat. tomorrow, the center for science and the public interest in demand that the fda define those terms, because right now, they have no legal meaning. that's right. by law, whole wheat bread must be made with 100% whole wheat flour. but any other wheat product could be made with this much white flour and this little wheat. and still be labeled whole wheat. same goes for whole grain. take this old london melba toast. >> there's actually twice as much white flour as whole wheat flour in this product. >> reporter: these eggo waffles say "made with whole grain" but contain more white flour than whole wheat. and jacobson says you can't tell by the beige color either. consider these lance crackers. >> they add caramel coloring. >> reporter: multigrain? also undefined. >> the only thing it means is that it has more than one grain. it doesn't mean that any of them are healthful. >> reporter: some pro
Feb 17, 2012 11:30am PST
fda has rejected the pill before and today says it is still linked to potential heart problems and birth defect. if approved, the drug will be the first new prescription weight also drug in more than a decade. doctors say a safe and effective pill is needed with obesity rates at 35%. >>> consumer warning about toothbrushes that can break your teeth. the fda says the arm & hammer spin brush sold under the crest label has parts that can break and cause chipped or broken teeth, mouth cuts and face injuries even the kids' version can be dangerous with reports of batteries leaving burns and bristles sticking to tonsils. so far, no recall, the fda is urging consumers to check any spin brushes they have for loose or worn parts. >>> the holiday weekend is upon us. >> looks like we'll be a little wet if you are hanging around here if you are going to the sierra we have snow on the way there. >>> also, was google tracking you? a report that accuses the silicon valley giant of spying on iphone and >>> there are new accusation as that google was spying on those using apple safari web browser.
Feb 22, 2012 11:00pm EST
keep the party going and he isn't alone. the fda is reviewing the product. after hearing concerns about potential health risks. >> it's appropriate, maybe we need warning labels, maybe we need an age limit. you know on some of these. nobody is going to do it but the fda. >> reporter: the inventor said they are cooperating the fda. he said the product isn't marketed for kids and it's safe because it contains the same amount of caffeine as a large coffee, just 100-milligrams. >> i would tell parents i think the alarm bells don't ring for caffeine. >> reporter: bill howard the former er chief at union memorial knows people can abuse anything but for caffeine to be toxic you would have to inguest 8,000 it milligrams. >> that would be of these shots, 80 of them, that would cost you $240 before you got into a toxic range. >> reporter: and for goat about trouble for many already addicted to caffeine it's about taste, something the shots just can't give. >> i will stick with coffee. >> reporter: she won't tread her caffeine routine but said it could be good when she needs a quick pick me
Feb 22, 2012 10:00pm PST
drugs claims to do and has the federal support to prove it. the diet drug approved by the fda panel today. >> at the record-breaking warm day here in the bay area. by the time you rise tomorrow morning, the adviser you need to know about as eyewitness news continues. after a series of recent robberies. most recenlty, pe say a man headed eastbound >>> the california highway patrol will be up patrols at the cartoonist bridge toll plaza after series of recent robberies they are. most recently i man headed eastbound around six yesterday morning, got out of his vehicle at the plaza and demanded money from the attendant. the attendant gave him cash and the robber drove away. also tonight three burglary suspects are behind bars after huge manhunt in fremont. investigators say all homeowner came across the suspect in his house around 11:30 this morning. he said one of them had it gone. asterisk couple the burglars fled and police want cam free nearby schools and canvassed the area but they say it was neighbors helped catch the suspects. >> we have three or four calls to want people who work
Feb 17, 2012 11:00am PST
experimental diet pill. a the fda has rejected the pill before and today says it is still linked to potential heart problems and birth defect. if approved, the drug will be the first new prescription weight also drug in more than a decade. doctors say a safe and effective pill is needed with obesity rates at 35%. >>> consumer warning about toothbrushes that can break your teeth. the fda says the arm & hammer spin brush sold under the crest label has parts that can break and cause chipped or broken teeth, mouth cuts and face injuries even the kids' version can be dangerous with reports of batteries leaving burns and bristles sticking to tonsils. so far, no recall, the fda is urging consumers to check any spin brushes they have for loose or worn parts. >>> the holiday weekend is upon us. >> looks like we'll be a little wet if you are hanging around here if you are going to the sierra we have snow on the way there. >>> also, was google tracking you? a report that accuses the silicon valley giant of spying on iphone and ipad users. >>> there are new accusation as that google was spying
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